This being my first Blog on this site, I want to say outright that this Blog is for truth-seekers. Times are too serious now as we are in the beginning stages of tribulation, leading up to Christ’s return for me to “soft sell” the warnings about these times that are CLEARLY LAID OUT IN THE BIBLE! The problem that I see in mainstream “christianity” is that these very clear and blatant warnings from Christ and his disciples/apostles are either not being actively taught in the “church” or are being distorted by False Teachers. Christ warned (Matthew 24:11), “And many false prophets shall rise and deceive many.”

The thing you have to realize when Christ talks about being fooled, he is not talking about those who are unsaved. Nonbelievers are already by definition fooled . This is why they don’t believe nor follow Christ’s teachings. Christ was trying to warn his followers because He knew what would happen to the church in the years before His Second Coming. A proof of this can be found in his description about dividing the sheep from the goats. In Matthew 25:31-46, specifically verse 37, notice how Christ refers to the goats as “righteous”. This is because there are people who consider themselves “christian” who have failed to do what Christ describes in these verses (42-45). These are those back-biting, judgemental Sunday-only christians that better match Christ’s description of the Pharisees (white-washed tombs-see Matthew 23: 27)  than the description of those who have been filled of the Holy Spirit. (see 1 Corinthians 12 for a description of the Gifts of the Spirit.)

In this and following Blogs, I will explore the Bible verses and erroneous teachings of Mainstream christianity in more detail. I will try to keep to one main theme for each Blog but often, if relevant to the topic, I will get into other issues that may tie in.

Some of my planned topics will be:

1. Is Speaking in “tongues” required proof of the  Baptism with the Holy Spirit?

2. The “Test of the Fruits” or how to know TRUE Christians-aka sheep versus goats

3. Give unto Caesar and the lies about supporting worldly government

4. End Times warnings and False teachers infiltrating Mainstream Christianity.

5. Can you be “pro-life” and Pro-war?

6. Pretending to be Christian to trick Christians into voting for you!

…And much more as God leads me and world situations dictate.

If you wish to comment, I will screen your comments and post those that are intelligent, Scripture-based and those not obviously tainted by evil or foul language. I am open to considering alternative points of view but if you are just regurgitating un-rersearched dogma already widely available on Mainstream “christian” websites, you can bet they will not be included in my Blog pages!

Love to all and may God grant you eyes that truly see and ears that truly hear!